Global Projects


Does not depend on Work only in the Egyptian market but we have currently been able to expand to other markets by opening a branch in Iraq in late 2004 and already have been able to win key customers like.


Supply and installation computer equipments to the Iraqi Media Development Project by cooperation with American company Parsons

Haris Company

–  The cooperation with foreign companies for Iraq reconstruction in IT field.

–  Connect some of Iraqi Banks and there branches with VSAT network and also with microwave networks.

Benghazi hospital in Libya:

We are currently involved in a Multi-Million Dollar Project for the Delivery of a full IT infrastructure to the Benghazi hospital in Libya. Primarily now we are working as a subcontractor for INZO, an Italian company that will be supplying the medical equipment and DMS with the medical software.

Potential Business Plan in Iraq:

–  Rebuilding the technique education project in Iraq.

–  Communication Project in Iraqi railway.

–  Integrated Solutions project to implement the e-government in some Iraqi ministry.