At the beginning of the 1991 we were able to take IDSC by storm and be Its Primary IT contractor .IDSC   is considered to be a very important and critical governmental Organization that is in charge of purchasing IT Equipment for most of the Ministries in Egypt. We were able to supply total more than 6000 Pc’s and 1000 workstations which were distributed thought the country.

Banha Co for Electronic industries

In 1990 Egyptcomp was able to sweep another site as the primary contractor for supplying major components to banha’s Computer component assembly line for that whole year .the basic assembly line had an annual output of 10,000 Pc’s in its assembly line.

Suez Canal Authority

1992 marked a very important contract for Egyptcomp when we landed the contract with the Suez Canal Authority providing IT server and Pc solution.


Egyptcomp was the first company to prevail in supplying Nilesat offices with it equipment on its first launch in 1993.

National Arab African bank

Yet again we were able to become the primary contractor to supply IT equipment to this bank in 1996 for 3 years in a row.

IMC (international medical Center) for the Egyptian Military of Defense

Early 1998 Egyptcomp  won a very big tender for the turnkey project to supply all necessary IT equipment and software to this hospital .being IBM gold Partners  together with DMS (HMIS software )and us as IBM and HP partners were able to Reinvent the IT prospective in the country to form a Paperless Hospital management infrastructure for this hospital. The project budget was 15 million on IT equipment.

Ministry Of defense (IT Department)

Egypt comp’s success never ended an when it  was able to Stand out as  very important Contractor for the supplying  of IT equipment for the Ministry of defense IT sector  .This Sector specifically  Was responsible for the tender decision making for all IT Equipment  in the ministry of defense. We have worked with this sector in projects for about 50million Egyptian pounds.


In 1996 Egyptcomp was awarded to handle and contract for the full IT installation for the technopack factory was compromised of network installation, Pc servers Printers to all Divisions that are the financial Department, human resources, the Warehouses and secretary Department. Above that we were one of the first vendors to be able to apply a mid range clustering solution on Intel based server Environment.

The Financial stock Exchange

In 1996 Egyptcomp was able to attain a position in the Egyptian stock exchange to become one of the major IT contractors and consultants for the It development of these sites until this very day. Total annual businesses with this sector amount to approximately 3 million Egyptian pounds yearly.

Gesom oil  company

In 1998 Egyptcomp was awarded a very big tender which compromised of 300 Pc machines and 3 high end Rs6000 IBMRISC based machines. We were able to inspire Gesium oil by our fast delivery and installation within 8 working days everything was up and running Stable condition. By this we had gained trust and the client decided to award us with direct orders to all is Its needs from then on.

Ministry Of education

Realizing importance of this Client Egyptcomp was able to establish its position to being the sole IT contractor the ministry of Education. The contract included the upgrade of the IT infrastructure   and boost and increase to IT Know how to Egyptian youth.

Education building Division (part of the ministry of communication)

On the late 1998 we were responsible for the delivery and installation and training of all IT equipments for one of the most important sites for the ministry of education in Ismalia to supply high end graphic workstation labs for CD-CAM applications and GIS software. We also were able to sell high end workstation to the Technical Schools labs .the project cost a Total of 2 million pounds.

Office Affairs Department of the Ministry of defense

Egyptcomp was becoming a pioneer in IT solutions in the Egyptian market. the growth of the company Enabled it  handle much larger projects as they say one of the most important IT project for this site. We were awarded in 2002 the upgrade of the military   ID system. The projects rounds to about 5 million pounds.Military recordsIn 2002 Egyptcomp introduced a new Pilot project to military Records site which automated the Fingerprint identification system that were fully contracted.

NTI (National Telecommunication Institute)

In 2006-2007 Egyptcomp  won a very big tender for the turnkey project to supply all necessary IT equipment and software we were responsible for the delivery and installation and training of all IT equipments for the new location in Smart Village  we supply high end Servers , workstation, personal Computers and Network infrastructure . We also were able to sell CC TV System and audio& Video  conference  System to the this site .the project cost a Total of 4 million pounds.

MOC (Ministry Of Communication)

At the beginning of the 1993 we were able to take Ministry of Communication by storm and be Its Primary IT contractor . We were able to supply total more than 20000 Pc’s and 2000 workstations and 400 Servers

EZZ EL Dekhela (Iron and Steel producing company)

In 2004 we subcontracted in the a CAD –CAM application system  for their system engineers  for the introduction of all IT equipment ( specialized Workstations from HP, network upgrades and fine tuning)  and CD-CAM applications software . We are currently working to upgrade their IT infrastructure by adding new nodes and deploying full Electrical power infrastructure.

Helwan for industrial Engineering (factory 99)

Helwan for industrial needed a Reliable vendor to supply Effective IT infrastructure and applications for their CD/CAM labs .Despite the harsh competition from many vendors we were able to take the deal which we installed and maintained very successfully.

CIB (commercial international bank)

CIB has been a well know client to us for the past 7 years and we have been working in introducing not only basic It equipment and solutions but Somewhat unique solutions like CD/DVD duplicating systems which we had delivered early 2005 and touch screens .

Service for IT military equipment (long term project)

With our vast  experience in the IT field with the military We have been appointed to hold quite a number of  tasks for after sales services for major projects in  the military for instance- we have been able to outsource all the IT needs for after sales equipment – We have been able to sign quite a large number of Service Contracts for major projects for after sales Services.Service for most of the ITS equipment in many sites on a yearly basis.- We have been doing this for the past 3 years and have proved to make our clients satisfied with our just outstanding performance.