Egyptcomp Training Center

was founded in 2003. We offer a wide range of computer training courses such as: Implementing E-Document and Records Management projects, E-Government and Management Information System, Information Knowledge and record Management, programming, networking, web development, training of PC and network technicians, graphics, etc.

Egyptcomp ICDL Training Center: Egyptcomp’s success never ended an when it was able to Stand out as the first International computer Driving licenses (ICDL) Training center in the new Valley

Egyptcomp is one of the leading institutions specialized in IT education and training,

Egyptcomp provides training courses of different levels and stages in successive multiple scientific disciplines

Egyptcomp provides educational bodies of universities and colleges, institutes and schools, education and training systems evolving stages and various scientific specializations, as well as language labs, and simulation systems, In addition to educational software, computer networks and systems, scientific instruments, and furnishing of labs and workshops.

Egyptcomp provides all types of technical support for customers from consulting and training sessions, studies and scientific research, curriculum development
Egyptcomp provides integrated solutions for educational and training projects and delivered ready for operation Egyptcomp has an integrated team of consultants, experts and lecturers, engineers and technicians, have the experience and high technical skills

Egyptcomp gives the precise and sophisticated follow-up to provide all forms of technical support and regular and emergency services to customers … Ensuring continuity of the operation of hardware and software in the best of situations which increases the effectiveness and efficiency of the educational process and training

A-   The Ministry of Technical Education & MOE (Through GTZ):

The company has trained about 160 Iraqis in the areas of the following training courses:

1-    Train the trainer in aspect of E-Learning

2-    Web Design Tools

3-    Art Design Tools

4-    LAN Trainer System

5-    Hardware Maintenance

6-    Engineering Design Tools

7-    Data Modeling & Relational Data Base

8-    E-Government

B-   The Ministry of Oil:

The company has trained about 225 Iraqis in the areas of the following training courses:

1-    International Accounting Standards

2-    Internal Audit

3-    Improving Organization Effectiveness

4-    Managing & Leading Strategic Change

5-    Ethics of good Governance

6-    E-Government

7-    E-Documents and Record Management

8-    Information Knowledge Management

9-    Project Management

10-     Production Engineering

C-    The Ministry of Industry and Minerals:

We organized by cooperation with Leadership Management Development Center LMDC 15 days training for (30) GMS. in several modules like:

1-    Strategy Planning.

2-    Negotiations Skills.

3-     Financial Analysis.